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this is what i believe to be [part of] the future of Architecture: fitness-based design through algorithms.

in this teaser of Nate Holland’s architectural thesis, one can see how a design solution evolves – based on pre-established rules by the designer – into a variety of optimal solutions, thanks to the computation power of modern computers and the help of adequate (and fairly easy to use) software.


with the astonishing growth of complexity in the world, this approach to Architecture enables the designer to overcome difficult problems and the increasing number of tools available empowers the designer to achieve more and better results.


well done, Nate Holland!


it was about time i started posting some of my stuff!

inspired on the amazing staircase in the picture above, from the Vatican Museum, i created a definition in Grasshopper that would create a parametric staircase through an Archimedean Spiral (click here to download the definition).

below you can see the pictures of it an a video demonstrating how it works.

Archimedean Spiral Parametric Staircase