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i leave you one photo that exemplifies the materialisation of will, belief and proactivity: these architectural students from the University of Oulu (Finland) discovered the amazing possibilities that algorithms have to offer as a designing tool and took action – promoting this seminar at their University and passing their knowledge to their fellow students.


they found something special and believed in it – so they worked to promote and develope it, sharing their visions. congratulations!


“Architects all over the world are fascinated by algorithmic architecture which uses computer scripting to generate design solutions. Scripts are made out of series of written commands which can be programmed to solve complex geometric problems. Scripts can also be used to generate new, unexpected outcomes as they have the ability to evaluate, process and build on the given commands. In architecture scripting can be used in a variety of ways for different purposes ranging from automation of simple tasks to the management of entire design processes.”

it will be a great opportunity for students (specially european students) to discover what’s being done in the frontline of architectural experimentation and inspire and challenge themselves into new ways to think and do architecture.

go for it!