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from rapid-prototyping we arrive to the [obvious] next step: rapid-production. it’s still a little rough, but it’s a first step to large scale, high quality production system directly from a digital design.

printing in stone brings us one step closer to a future reality: the ability to print our own buildings exactly as we designed them, directly on site.

according to the company, D-Shape printed material is very similar to marble and environmentally friendly, “with a resistance and traction much superior to Portland Cement, so much so that there is no need to use iron to reinforce the structure.”

i’m eager to see real aplications from this system!

check their website for more information and the review from

from June 14 to 18, the third edition of Arquibio will be taking place in the Museu Zoológico de Coimbra (in Portugal):

“Arquibio 2010 is a series of international lectures and workshops on topics connecting architecture and design with the “bio-logics”. It is intended that the lecturers and visiting scholars allow a consistent connection between current biological and architectural knowledge bringing light of recent technological advances.

The premise is that the fusion between biological and technological world is now a reality that cannot be ignored. Computers and robotics prove to be capable of releasing the architects and designers of a catalog architecture, based on still images, teaching us new fields of interaction in which complex processes similar to those that occur in nature, take center stage and allow a more consistent connection with the living environment.”

this is a video about some of the work of Diller & Scofideo + Renfro, a sort of retrospective and exposition of their ideals.

i personally love their installation with the driller (around minute 10) and it’s evolving effect on the space the walls were dividing.


fresh from the web: parametric design and digital fabrication studio, from Chile.

belém urbana

CCB (centro cultural de belém, lisbon) launched a project competition for their summer outdoors event, taking place between july and august.

anyone can send them a project proposal of any kind and any theme. it is a good opportunity to show your ideas, don’t waste it! 😉