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by letting nature do its work, the guys at ecovative design came up with this brilliant ecological material that outperforms styrofoam while being completely compostable. and because it’s grown and not produced by an industrial process, it requires around 10 times less energy to be created.


great step forward!

a new door as been opened in the history of mankind: the creation of a self-replicating artificial life form, “who’s parent is a computer”.

and from after this one, infinite new doors open now: new and more efficient vaccines can now be tailored to the virus they’re designed to eradicate; new bacteria might be designed to capture CO2 from the atmosphere and convert it back into an usable fuel form;  and maybe – one day – new tailor-made artificial materials that we can grow, harvest and use.

streching it a little more, maybe one day we’ll even be able to tailor an artificial life with the desired properties for a special climate/condition and design the way it’s ought to replicate itself, in order to generate genetically-coded forms and spaces.

welcome to a new era!

bacteria and time are the base ingredients for this Architectural approach to a big problem: <<serious natural hazards>>.

one of the aspects i find most interesting about this proposal is the way Magnus Larsson uses the source of the problem – the sand – as its solution: the problem of the villages surrounding deserts relies on the sand’s movement, so he found a natural way to bind it together (back into a rock) and create Architectural spaces out of it.

congratulations, Magnus!

<<Architecture student Magnus Larsson wants to turn some of the most deserted and harsh landscapes on the planet into habitable structures. How? By turning loose sand dunes into solid architecture using bacteria. A team at UC Davis has been looking at the microorganism bacillus pasteurii to solidify the ground in earthquake-prone areas. As Larsson puts it, “All I did was to deliberately misapply their technology … and to pump up the scale, and turn it into a 6,000-km-long wall that’s made of sand and protects against sand.”>>

finally, someone made it!

in the first video, you’ll find the philosophy that backs this open source project as well as the technology: bringing 3D printing to the people – or to communities. so now anyone can design AND produce their own things, even though in a small size and scale (at least for the moment) – which is a major breakthrough that can/will lead to design and production (r)evolution, making it more democratic.

but then again, this is the beginning and as more people collaborate on the project and improve the technology, better solutions will become available – free for anyone!

take a look and think about it 😉

Darwin Version:

Mendel Version:

check also – another option with great acceptance – and!

this is a documentary about Cradle to Cradle design and how we can – and should – rethink our options as designers.

i apologise for the quality of the movie, but this was the best i found…