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nature proved it’s potential yet again by claiming man-made artificial ground to itself; and so did the will of the two men who saved the high-line from demolition through the foundation of Friends of The High Line, a non-profit organization.

remodeled by Diller & Scofidio + Renfro, a part of it is finally open to the public, giving New York’s citizens a radical new way to enjoy their city. watch more about the park in the videos bellow:

The High Line History

The High Line Design

THe High Line Park Opening

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  1. the first time i saw this project was at a conference with Elizabeth Diller; i immediately felt things would no longer be the same concerning urban design.

    one thing that raises my hopes towards the future is how the High Line came to be – in opposition to it’s demolition: it’s phenomenological experience (with all it’s contradictions – nature taking over the artificial, for instance) was strong enough to motivate a couple of men to fight the odds, with the help of the community, and win the fight.

    another impressive thing is the issue of property and land ownership: the High Line occupies both public and private space, going over streets and through buildings in a great juxtaposition with Manhattan’s century-old grid – creating an interesting dialogue with it.

    i can only imagine Fritz Lang (Metropolis, 1927) saying: “What took you so long?!?”

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